Supplier verification service (Thailand)


We provide services with reasonable cost on checking and verification of the local suppliers in Thailand for their credibility, stock verification, quality checking, especially for charcoal, charcoal briquette and machinery. We offer a range of product inspections such as pre-shipment inspections, made to spec quality inspections, first article inspections and other specialty inspections based on your specific requirements.

Our service is useful for ones to be confident prior to down-payment transfer, during the production, or before/at delivery to Thailand port. We help you do the business verification, supplier evaluation, factory audits, product inspections and industry specific sourcing. We provide complete report on following subjects (item upon request).

- Existing and Legitimacy of company/supplier

- Supplier's business license and information with English translation

- Office and Factory visit, including photos/videos and report

- Product/In-process quality checking or sample taking/sending

- Comment and suggestion

Audit and Inspection costs depend on requirement & actual work. We focus on helping customers to have success cooperation with suppliers in Thailand.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are willing to help you for your success business.

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