If you are looking for reliable briquette machine manufacturer and exporter, we "Thai Sumi Company (THAILAND)" are glad and would like to work with you as your partner for your success in the briquette and charcoal business.

We have 16 years of experience regarding charcoal and biomass briquette machine with maximum capacity over 2 Metric Ton per hour and have experiences exporting and installing our briquette machines worldwide. We stress on the working closely with customers so that you can be sure you can produce high quality briquette by yourselves, avoid possible problems with production, succeed in high quality briquette production and selling. We certainly will help you optimize your charcoal and briquette making business.


From our 16 year-experience, We have helped many factory owners to install reliable briquette making system as we are using only high quality parts for all of our machines that we produce in our workshop. 

We have full know-how and knowledge of charcoal and biomass briquette making as we are also charcoal briquette producer and exporter. So, we know how to make good quality charcoal briquette and how to use our briquette making system efficiently for your best ROI. 

As we have been improving our machines upon time, we are certain that our machines will give our customers satisfaction and quickest payback period with less headache on machine breakdown or labor intensive as we have automated system for briquette factory.

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Line ID :  jump2518
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